Download Thorium

Note: Be sure to extract the Thorium executable from the .zip archive before running.

If you are running Thorium on a Linux computer, check out the launch script doc.

Download Thorium Kiosk

A kiosk application for running Thorium with a locked down user interface. Supports special commands like shutting down computers or quitting the program from Core.

Thorium Mobile

Thorium Mobile is a custom application designed to run on iOS and Android devices. It does not replace Thorium for desktop, but supplements and augments it.

Download on the App StoreDownload on the Play Store

You can also run it on Expo. Follow these instructions:

  1. Download the Expo app.
  2. Search for "Thorium Mobile" or access the app's page here.

Alternatively, you can scan this QR code in the Expo app:

Thorium Mobile QR Code

Thorium is Open Source software, and the source code can be downloaded and compiled from the code repository. Instructions to build Thorium are included in the repository. Assets and content can be collected separately from third-parties.

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