Support Service Request

Thorium offers support service to help you make sure Thorium is working smoothly and correctly. Have a feature you want added in a hurry? How about a bug that needs to be fixed quickly? Need someone to come on site to help you get everything working right? Then fill out this form, and we'll make it happen!

Note:As of January 2019, the rates for the service request have changed. Please review the options before submitting a request. If you have any questions or want to work out a custom rate, please reach out at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

Filling out this form allows you to request a Thorium expert to either work on bugs or features for Thorium or provide an on-site visit. They can help you with anything you need to get Thorium working for your space center.

Is this a service contract?

No, there is no contract being signed through this form. This form is just a notification system. Filling it out informs the support team of your need. They'll get in contact to give you expectations of when and how to expect your service.

Filling out this form is not a guarantee of service. We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.

What if I don't want to pay for my feature or bug?

As always, you can submit an issue through Github's issue tracker or Thorium's built-in issue tracker. Those issues are handled based on the project's roadmap and developer availability. There is no guarantee that features and bug reports submitted through the issue tracker will be completed.

Who is the service provider?

Currently, the only service provider is Alex Anderson. Eventually other talented Thorium developers and users could provide service to you as well.

What if I request high priority service and the service is late?

You will be billed for the service level that you recieve. If you request a high-priority on-site visit within 2 hours and it takes 4 hours for someone to arrive, you will be billed at the lower medium priority level.

However, if you request a low priority visit and someone arrives within 2 days, you will still be billed at the low priority visit. No surprises.

How will payment be handled?

Within a month of any service being provided or upon completion of a feature or bug fix, you will be sent an invoice with the service charges. You will be expected to provide payment within one month from the invoice. Failure to do so will result in refusal of all future service requests until the invoice is paid.

Will you visit my space center without a service request?

Doing on-site visits is incredibly valuable for Thorium's development. It helps us understand customer need, discover hidden bugs and issues, and hopefully builds trust between the developers and the space centers. However, it is also very time consuming and expensive. The time it takes to travel, discover and resolve the issues, can be taxing on those of us with families, jobs, and school work.

While we do reserve the right to do service calls pro-bono, we encourage space centers to help support Thorium and the developers by paying for the service that was requested. Donations are also welcome.