Next Generation Starship Simulator Controls

What is Thorium?

Thorium is a platform for running live-action role-play starship bridge simulations. Participants are given roles on the ship, like weapons officer, navigator, or captain. Each role comes with its own computer station and responsibilities. The crew uses the Thorium controls to direct the ship wherever they want in their space mission. A flight director sits behind the scenes to act as a game master, controlling what happens inside the simulation.

Offering Support Service

Thorium is a Community Support project. Find out what that means.

Thorium now offers personal support on a non-contract basis. Need a bug squashed? Need a special feature completed yesterday? Need someone to walk you through set-up and help you get everything working right? Just fill out a form and a Thorium expert will take care of whatever needs you have. If we live close, we'll even come on site!

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Flexible Simulator Configs

Want to run a small shuttle? Done. Capital Class Carrier? You've got it. Any kind of ship you can imagine is possible. Thorium provides different visual themes and dozens of cards which can be arranged into whatever stations you want. Use one of the pre-built simulator configurations or make your own!


Mission Timelines

Not comfortable running the mission by yourself? Thorium comes bundled with pre-written missions that remove the endless button clicking and lets you focus on what matters - telling a great story. It also features a built-in mission editor, allowing you to write your own missions.

Open Source

Do you sling divs? Got code chops? All of the code is available, so you can see how it works under the hood and even add your own features. Check it out!



Thorium Server works on Windows, macOS, and Linux and the controls can be run on any modern web browser. Since Thorium is built using Web technologies, your client computers could be anything. They'll even operate on an electrical switch panel!

Sponsoring Organizations

The Lion's Gate Center
Farpoint Space Center
Christa McAuliffe Space Center
Telos Discovery Space Center