Update 24 - Which way do we go?

Alex Anderson 🚀Alex Anderson 🚀, February 3, 2021

Last week I made it so you could leave a solar system; this week I added entering solar systems to the feature list. Entering a solar system is much more complicated, as I've come to discover.


Space is really big, which means you need to go really fast, so it's easy to just blow right past your destination. That means Thorium Nova needs to help you slow down properly as you approach your destination, which means Thorium Nova needs to know your destination. All of this is to say that you can now pick one of your waypoints as your destination, which lets Thorium Nova know which solar system you are going to.

Once you've placed a waypoint, you can point your ship at it. Once you are within 3˚ of the waypoint in two 3D axes, it will turn blue and you'll be able to 'Lock On Course'.

Locking on the course will automatically activate an autopilot which will keep your ship rotated in the correct direction to get you to your destination. This helps you avoid flying past your destination because you were off by a few degrees. There will also be an "Engage Autopilot" button which will automatically control your speed, making sure you arrive without crashing. Don't worry, though - that button is completely optional. If you think you can stop in time without computer assistance, be my guest.