Update 30 - Flight Director Controls

Alex Anderson 🚀Alex Anderson 🚀, November 4, 2021

This past Tuesday there was a meeting where we discussed how to make the Flight Director controls simple and approachable for beginners, but powerful for the most ambitious Flight Directors. I did a writeup of what we discussed in this blog post - no, seriously. It's a good one. You can also watch the meeting recording too!

There's been a bit more discussion about Ship Classifications and Ship Icons, and some about how missions are defined, but not many others. Is there a proposal you want to make, or something you want to talk about? Feel free to start a discussion!

This past week I refactored several pieces of the architectural foundation to better support plugins. I can say that preliminary support for plugins, including defining template ships, is complete. This is a big milestone that brings us closer to starting development on the station controls.

I know that many of you are anxious to start playing around with Thorium Nova. I want to start releasing weekly alphas, but there are a lot of things I think need to happen first:

  • ✅ Plugins
  • Flight management (tracked in this issue)
  • Station layouts - the frame that goes around the station
  • Station complement definitions - stations and cards a ship has for a given crew size
  • At least one card to play around with, probably starting with a simple Alert Condition card
  • A form for reporting issues, bugs, and feature requests

I think I'll continue sharing this list every week and mark off the items that have been completed. Once they are all marked off, I'll start releasing the weekly alphas.

Want to help me work on these things? Get in touch on Discord and I'd be happy to point you towards work that needs to be done.

Not sure if you can contribute? I would still love to hear your thoughts and ideas - reach out on Discord and say Hi.